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RFP- Downtown Upper Marlboro Economic Development

Request for Proposals Downtown Upper Marlboro Economic Development Firm RFP # UM 2022-01

Project Overview: The Town of Upper Marlboro is seeking a qualified, multi-disciplinary consulting firm or team to assist the Town with complete Economic Development support over multiple years. The firm will be expected to both assist in planning for Economic Growth and implementing economic growth strategies. This includes developing a strategy for growth of the Town, business attraction, business retention, and incentivizing commercial and residential property maintenance and revitalization. The Town wishes to support several commercial centers focusing on connections between these areas for pedestrians and bicyclists and visually through uniformity of design and branding. The Town is seeking to develop environmental and nature tourism to connect and take advantage of its location near hiking, biking, and water trails. The firm will support the Town in developing its 10-year vision plan. The firm should be prepared to help the Town with Economic Development support for existing commercial areas and develop commercial locations and any newly annexed commercial centers.

Deadline: Responses to this RFP are to be submitted by Friday, July 1st, 2022, at 5 pm. By Mail: Town of Upper Marlboro P.O. Box 280 Upper Marlboro MD 20773. By Email: Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov.   In-Person: Upper Marlboro Town Hall 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772.

Please read the full Request for Proposal Document Here