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Our Community

The Town of Upper Marlboro has a downtown area along Main Street, which is home to a variety of local business as well as the Prince George’s County Courthouse and the County Administration Building. The main Board of Education offices for the Prince George’s County Public School system are a short walk from Main Street. Additional businesses and government offices are located in the Old Mill complex a short distance from downtown.

The main residential area is the to the west of the downtown on several quiet streets. The Town has about 313 dwelling units, mostly single-family homes with 657 official residents in 2008, according to estimates from the Census Bureau. Numerous civic organizations in and near the town contribute to the sense of community and “small town” atmosphere that characterizes life in The Town of Upper Marlboro.


When people make reference to Upper Marlboro or Marlboro, may not be referring to the “Town”. There are two ZIP codes that the United States Post Office has labeled “Upper Marlboro” (20772 and 20774), as well as three post office boxes (20773, 20775 and 20792). These Zip codes constitute  Greater Upper Marlboro, a geographical area that is about one-fifth of the total area of Prince George’s County!