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My Government


Finance & Accounting: 

  1. Collect all taxes and fees due the Town, pay all Town obligations, and responsibly manage the investment of Town funds
  2. Maintain a general accounting system for all monies received and disbursed by the Town
  3. Make periodic financial reports to the Board of Commissioners
  4. Prepare the Town Budget for Board action
  5. Prepare the review of Town finances by an independent auditor
  6. Prepare bi-weekly payroll and related reports

Human Resources:

  1. Supervise the staffing of Town departments, including hiring, compensation and job classification
  2. Oversee employee benefits programs, such as health insurance and pensions

Records Management: 

  1. Notice and prepare all official meetings.
  2. Record official meetings in the form of written minutes
  3. Attest to official actions of the Town Council, including ordinances, resolutions and agreements
  4. Manage Town elections with assistance of an independent Board of Election Supervisors
  5. Manage the paper and electronic records of the Town
  6. Inform citizens about official and unofficial Town activities and events through newsletters, mailers, web site and public access TV

Community Relations & Outreach

          1. Manages Town's Social Media outlets
          2. Manages and updates the Town Web site
          3. Manages and publishes the Town's Landings Newsletters
          4. Updates and maintains the Town's Cable Access Channel