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Snow Removal

 The Town Public Works crews work hard to ensure all Town maintained roadways and sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice in a timely manner. The Town is unique in that or Public Works work with State Highway and County Public Works crews to ensure residents and visitors can safely travel throughout Town. Below are a list of different roadways within Town and the agency charged with maintaining them. The Town Public Works "picks up the slack" in the event other agencies are unable to get plow crews out. 

Town Maintained Roadways: 
Church Street
Pratt Street20180321_131248
Rectory Lane
Spring Branch Drive
Wilson Lane
Old Mill Road
Marlborough Drive
Service Lane
Trinity Drive
School Lane
Elm Street

Church Street Parking Lot

State Highway Administration Roadways:
Main Street (Rt. 725)
Old Marlboro Pike (Rt. 725)
Water Street (MD 717)

PG County Department of Public Works & Transportation Roadways:
Old Crain Highway
Valley Lane
Governor Oden Bowie Drive

Elm Street
Judges Drive
Courthouse & Parking Lots
County Administration Building & Parking Garage

Don't see your roadway listed but live in the Upper Marlboro area? It is most likely maintained by the Prince George's County DPW&T. Call 311 for more information.