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The Town of Upper Marlboro has been the County Seat of Prince George’s County since 1721. The Town was established as a port town in 1706. The town is now just under 2 square miles, and home to 771 residents. In 2022 the Board of Commissioners established this vision plan with the input of residents, business owners, and other . The goals and actions in this plan are meant to guide staff in achieving the vision of its residents and businesses by 2032.  

The Town of Upper Marlboro community values a thriving and vibrant downtown, safety in our homes and on our streets, fiscal responsibility, and recreational opportunities that allow us to connect to one another as a community.  
To maintain consistency with these values this plan will focus on: 

  • Community-building events to maintain its small-town feel, 
  • Connections throughout Town to all activity centers and residential areas through safe roads, sidewalks, trails, and safe bike routes.  
  • Infill development downtown to revive a thriving town center and support local businesses, our artist community, and community connections. 
  • Tourism that celebrates and preserves our honest past and celebrated a connection between history and the physical environment, 
  • Fiscal Responsibility through planning and budgeting for these community goals.   
In keeping with these values 2021 the Board of Town Commissioners developed the following goals to guide its budgeting process. These priorities were lead by the overarching goal of ensuring the sustainability of the Town into the future.  


  • A Sustainable Government. The Commission wishes to have policies and procedures in place to ensure the Town is following best practices. A sustainable government includes a budget in which recurring expenses are relatively equal to recurring revenues and capital improvements are planned for and budgeted. 
  • Expanded Town Boundaries. The Commission wishes to expand the Town's boundaries to improve public participation and ensure its long-term sustainability. 
  • Flooding mitigation and safety. The Commission wishes to ensure safe travel during storm events. 
  • Safe and modern roadways. The Commission wishes to see the Town's roadways paved, modernized, and connected for multiple modes of transit. The commission seeks to improve safety for all, but particularly our youngest residents.  
  • Increased recreation opportunities. The Commission wishes to strengthen the Upper Marlboro Community with more recreation opportunities for residents creating spaces and events that serve as gathering places.