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AN  ANNEXATION  RESOLUTION  of  the  Board  of  Commissioners  of  the  Town  of  Upper Marlboro  (the  "Town")  pursuant  to    4-401  et  seq.  of  the  Local  Government  Article  of  the  Annotated  Code of Maryland  for the purpose of annexing certain  parcels,  lots and  rights-of-way  of real property located in two (2) distinct and separate annexation  areas with each area  adjoining and contiguous to the Town including the second  annexation  area to be annexed  since  the Town was  incorporated  to  be  referred  to  as  the  "Second  (2ⁿ)  Annexation  Area"  consisting  in  the aggregate  of  approximately  258  acres,  and  located  west  and  south  of  the  current  municipal corporate  territory  of  the  Town  and  further  described  as  a  portion  of  Ritchie  Marlboro  Road right-of-way  intersecting  the Pennsylvania  Avenue  (MD  4)  right-of-way  west of Town  and  the lands  north  of  said  Pennsylvania  Avenue  right-of-way    and  east  of  Ritchie  Marlboro  Road including Federal Springs Park and the lands south of the  Federal  Spring Branch of the Patuxent River extending east to where said Branch  becomes the  northern  corporate  limits of the existing Town  of  Upper  Marlboro  and  extending  east  and  south  of  the  Town  including  and  along  the north  side  of  the  Pennsylvania  Avenue  (MD  4)  right-of-way  to  the  existing  corporate  limits bounded  to the east  by the Show Place  Arena, MD Route 4 right-of-way,  the Water Street (MD 717) right-of-way  and the existing corporate  limits of the Town  near the Western  Branch  of the Patuxent  River,  as further  described  in  more  detail  in  the  metes  and  bounds  description  found below in Section 2 of this Resolution  and the map exhibit referenced  hereinbelow; and including the third annexation  area to be annexed  since the Town was incorporated  to be referred to as the "Third  (3ᵈ)  Annexation  Area"  consisting  in  the  aggregate  of approximately  246 acres,  located east and  north of the  current  municipal  corporate  territory  of the Town and  further described  as the lands east of  the existing  corporate  limits consisting  of the  Western  Branch  of the Patuxent River near the  Federal  Spring Branch  where the Collington  Branch  crosses  MD 725 (Marlboro Pike)  and  MD  202  (Largo  Road)  including  lands  along  the  east  and  west  of  MD  202  (Largo Road),  north    of  Marlboro  Pike  (MD  725)  proceeding  to  the  Wurtz  and  Weeks  Tract  Resubdivision  near Perseus Way (Undeveloped)  and Largo Road  (MD 202) and lands known  as the  Wurtz  and  Weems  Tract  east  to  the  Pope's  Creek  Branch  Railroad  right-of-way,  and  including,  but not limited to, lands along either side (North & South) of Marlboro Pike (MD 725)  east  to  the  intersection  of  Crain  Highway  (US  301)  including  but  not  limited  to  the  Marlboro Tobacco  Market  Subdivision,  the  Marlboro  Shell  Subdivision  (McDonald's  Restaurant  &  Dash In Food  Store), the Agricultural  Fair Association  Subdivision  and  lands near the  intersection  of Crain  Highway  (US 301) and  Peerless  Avenue, as further described  in  more  detail  in the metes and  bounds  description  found  below  in  Section  2  of  this  Resolution  and  the  map  exhibit referenced  hereinbelow;  and  providing  for  the  terms  and  conditions  of  the  annexation  to  the Town  of  Upper  Marlboro;  and  amending  the  Charter  of  the  Town  of  Upper  Marlboro  for  the purposes  of including the annexed  property  within  the legal descriptions and  plats depicting the corporate limits of the Town; and generally all  matters related to said annexation and annexation areas.
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