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Refuse Collection


There are four different types of refuse that is collected weekly in Town:

Refuse Type: Day Collected: Collected by:
Residential Trash Monday Burch Trash (contracted)
Bulk Trash Monday Town Public Works Dept
Yard Waste 1 Monday Town Public Works Dept
Residential Recycling
Yard Waste 2
Burch Trash (contracted)
Town Public Works Dept

Refuse Containers: 
While the Town provides recycling containers, residents must provide their own residential trash containers that meet the below criteria:

  • must be made of metal or hard plastic, strong watertight material.
  • must have two lifting handles
  • must have a tightly fitting lid with handle
  • must not exceed thirty-two gallons (32) in size

All refuse containers shall be placed at the curb no sooner than twelve (12) hours prior to the scheduled collection time, and be removed no later than twelve (12) hours after the scheduled collection time. Refuse containers should not to be stored on the front of properties. If you need a recycling container, please contact Town Hall at 301-627-6905. Recycling containers are Town property and CANNOT be used for trash or removed from the Town limits

The following items cannot be picked up by the Town at any time: tree stumps, stone or brick, dirt, explosives, dangerous chemicals, bio-hazardous items, tires, roofing shingles, cement, treated lumber, propane gas containers, or other refuse generated from contracted construction or remodeling.