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Town Hall Rental

The Town of Upper Marlboro makes its newly renovated and expanded Town Hall facility available for rent for meetings, events, celebrations, and more! 

The Basic Facility Rental: 
Comes with the below spaces & amenities

Meeting Room- The facility's main event/meeting area is our meeting room. This 600 sq ft space can hold 39 people in chairs, or 80 people standing. The standard set-up of this room is a large conference table with seven white leather chairs, 30 folding chairs, and a podium, but it can also be transformed into an event area and the chairs removed or relocated. The Town only has two additional folding tables, and additional furniture or tables would have to be provided by the renter.  Audio/Visual- The meeting room comes with a 54-inch flat-screen TV with a 10 ft HDMI cord attached to project presentations onto the TV. The TV does not have access to cable TV.  For an additional $25 fee, Town Staff can also set up a microphone and speaker system

Small Conference Room- Features a conference table and four chairs for smaller gatherings, or as an overflow room. Space is 115 sq ft. 

Restrooms- The facility has three separate bathrooms, including one handicapped-accessible bathroom. The bathroom area also features a sink, water fountain, and water bottle filler. 

Parking: The Town Hall parking lot has 10 regular parking spaces available for use, and two handicapped parking spaces. Additional spaces are available in the adjoining Board of Education Administrative Building parking lot with a pathway to the Town Hall property. 

The Deluxe Facility Rental: 
Suspended due to COVID-19 precautions
Comes with the above options as well as the below for a higher rate

Kitchen/Break room- This 200sqft space features a refrigerator, sink, toaster oven, and microwave, along with a table and six chairs. This is a great space for a catering company to set-up 

Lobby Area: Our 500 sq ft lobby area with vaulted ceilings allows for more elbow room and overflow space for larger events. The lobby features a seating area with a four-person couch, two armchairs, and a coffee table. The led lighting and "sky-tunnel" skylights ensure that the space is nice and bright day or night! 


Meeting Room(s) & Grounds
Rate Chart

Town Residents, Committees & Staff 

First 2 hours Free
Meeting Room(s) only  =  $50 per hour
Entire Facility/Deluxe Rental  =  $75 per hour 
Max 5 hours — requires $100 refundable deposit


Area Civic Associations:
(outside Town’s corporate boundaries)
Meeting Room(s) only  =  $75 per hour 
Entire Facility/Deluxe Rental  =  $125 per hour
Max 3 hours — requires $100 refundable deposit


(outside Town’s corporate boundaries)
Meeting Room(s) only  =  $100 per hour
Entire Facility/Deluxe Rental  =  $150 per hour
Max 5 hours — requires $250 refundable deposit

Questions or interested in renting the facility? Contact the Town Offices during business hours (M-F 9 am-5pm) at 301-627-6905 or at Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov 
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