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Property Standards

The Upper Marlboro Code Enforcement performs daily patrols of the Town to monitor residential and commercial properties for code violations, such as litter, junk, tall grass, unregistered and inoperable vehicles, parking on unpaved surfaces, loud noise, poorly-maintained or illegally-built houses, additions, sheds and other structures.

Below are some Town Residential Property Standards enforced by the Code Department: 

-Condition of Exterior Property Areas: All exterior property areas shall be maintained in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition, free from any accumulation of debris, litter, stagnant water, or garbage. 

-Tall Grass and Weeds: All exterior property areas shall be properly maintained and no grass or weeds more than twelve (12) inches tall, other than annual or perennial cultivated flowers, and plants, bushes, shrubs, garden and yard plantings, and trees properly maintained by the property owner or agent shall be allowed to accumulate or grow on any private property. 

-Discarded Vehicles: It shall be unlawful for any person to discard any vehicle on any residential lot within the corporate limits of the Town.

-Vehicle Condition and Storage: No property owner or agent shall permit an abandoned, junked, wrecked, unregistered, or non-road worthy vehicle as defined in this Ordinance to remain on such property, except when enclosed in a garage.

-Motor Vehicle Parts: Exterior property areas shall not be utilized for the storage of motor vehicle parts.

-Exterior Property Storage:  Exterior property areas shall not be utilized for the open storage of building materials, bathroom or kitchen fixtures, furniture, or lawn and garden equipment, irrespective of age or condition, except for routine garden maintenance equipment, outdoor lawn furniture, or materials used in construction or renovation projects with the appropriate Prince George’s County and Town permits.

-Wood Storage: The storage of wood and other materials not proscribed by this Ordinance, including organic compost piles, shall be accomplished in a manner designed to avoid rodents, termites and other insect
infestation. Wood shall be stored at least six (6) inches above the ground.

-Vegetation: All vegetation located on exterior property areas shall be maintained in such a way so as not to pose a danger or obstruction to adjoining property, pedestrians or vision of any motorist.

-Parking Surfaces: A paved parking area must be accessed by a curb cut if the property has a curb installed along the street unless granted an exception by the Board. 

-Building Security: No property owner or agent shall allow vacant structures or property to become a public nuisance, safety or health hazard, or be in a condition that could encourage trespassing.

-Accessory Structures: No accessory structure shall pose a public health, safety hazard, or fall into disrepair. All accessory structures shall comply with Prince George’s County and Town Ordinances and any improvements to such accessory structures shall be duly permitted.

-Identification: All premises shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.