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Maryland Public Information Act Requests

The public's right to information about government activities lies at the heart of a democratic government. Maryland's Public Information Act (PIA) grants the people of this State a broad right of access to public records while protecting legitimate governmental interests and the privacy rights of individual citizens.  Requests for public records always begin with a government agency (State, county, or municipal).  See the General Information and FAQ's section of this page for additional guidance. 

The Town of Upper Marlboro Office of the Town Clerk takes great care to handle all PIA requests made by residents and other parties of interest. All requests must be submitted in writing (email, letter, or completed Town form). 

                                                                                     To Make A Request:

Online: Requests can be made by our online fillable form. Please click the link provided to fill out the Maryland PIA Request Form

In-Person: Requests can be made in person at:
Town Hall
14211 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD. 20772
During regular office hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). We encourage you to call ahead at (301) 627-6905 ex.1102  to ensure the Town Clerk or PIA representative is available to assist you with your request. 

By Mail: Written requests can be mailed to:
Town of Upper Marlboro
PIA Requests
P.O. Box 280 Upper Marlboro, MD. 20773
We ask that you provide detailed information being requested, valid contact information, and other pertained information in the letter. 

Have additional questions or concerns? Contact the Town Clerk by email Clerk@UpperMarlboroMD.gov or at 301-627-6905 ex. 1102

For  additional information, read our 2019 Policy & Guidelines for Public Information Requests. 

You can also find more information from the Maryland Attorney General's Office