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TUMHC Need Volunteers! Come Make History In 2022!

Crain Memorial - Copy (8)

Crowd assembled at the dedication of the Crain Highway Monument by Governor Albert C. Ritchie,
Main Street, Upper Marlboro, Maryland on September 30, 1922.

Crain Highway connected Southern Maryland to Baltimore. It was completed on October 22, 1927. 

Come Make History in 2022!
The Town of Upper Marlboro Historical Committee Needs Volunteers!

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Crain Highway Monument, the Town of Upper Marlboro Historical Committee would like to recreate this photo in 2022.

Date of Event:  TBD

Time:  TBD

Location: TBD

For More Information or To Join The Planning Committee, Please Contact John Hoatson, Town Clerk: clerk@uppermarlboromd.gov or Patti / Brian Callicott, TUMHC: Historic@uppermarlboromd.gov or Call 301-627-6905.  

Below is a brief history of the Monument and the Original Event:

Crain Monument Historic Site Information

Newspaper from September 22, 1922

Newspaper From September 29, 1922

Celebration At Upper Marlboro September 30, 1922

Order of formation in the parade for the ceremonies in connection with the monument unveiling at Upper Marlboro on September 30th.  Procession will start at Marlboro Station at Pope’s Creek line of the Pennsylvania Railroad promptly at 10:45 A. M. 

Below is some of the Transcription of the Original News article of the timeline of events: 

  1. John M. Bowie, Chief Marshal ahorse, and his female aides 
  2. The General Committee and Executive Committee 
  3. Naval Academy Band 
  4. Company “F” at Hyattsville 1stRegiment Maryland national Guard (escort for Governor Ritchie) 
  5. Governor Ritchie 
  6. Admiral Wilson and escort 
  7. Mayor Broening and his escort 
  8. Robert Crain and her 5 county escorts 
  9. John N. Mackall 
  10. Bishop Murray and Archbishop Curley 
  11. Baltimore Sun News Boy’s Band 
  12. The Snyder-Farmer Post, Hyattsville, American Legion 
  13. Charlotte Hall Cadets, (Escort for Southern Maryland Society) 
  14. Robert Crain  
  15. Five County Senators 
  16. Two lady aids ahorse preceding PG County Float 
  17. Charles County Float 
  18. Mary’s County Float 
  19. Anne Arundel County Float 
  20. Calvert County Float 
  21. Automobiles for each County Matrons 

Program of the Original Celebration, September 30, 1922

March from Train to monument 
Call to order by General Chairman 
Invocation by Reverend Frances Edward McManus 
Dedication of monument – Chairman of State Roads Commission 
Unveiling of Monument by Mrs. Robert Crain 
Address by Governor 
Address by Mayor 
Address by Mr. Robert Crain 
Benediction by Rabi Lazaron 
Parade to Fairgrounds where lunch will be served 

Luncheon Period 
Concert By Band 
After Ceremonies 
Introductory Remarks by Presiding Officer 
Ceremony of Flags Symbolic of the closer Business and social relations Between Baltimore and Southern Maryland 
Special Remarks from President, Merchants and Manufacturers Association 
Special remarks by President of the Southern Maryland Society 

Night Session 
Band Concert 
Moving Pictures with Orchestra 

Program September 30, 1922