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2020 Town Election Results

The following is the total of votes cast on January 6, 2020 to elect 3 individuals to serve as the Board of Town Commissioners for the 2020–2022 term of office.

Total Number of Voters                          112

Total Number of Absentee Ballots          5

Total Ballots Cast                                     117  

The 3 residents who received the most votes, and will be the next Board of Commissioners for the 2020-2022 Term of office are . . .       

  • Kai Bernal-LeClaire                                          
  • Wanda M. Leonard                                                              
  • Linda Pennoyer                               

In precisely one (1) week from today, the newly elected Board members will vote to select one of the three to be the President of the Board of Town Commissioners (who acts as “Mayor” and Chief Executive Officer), and a Treasurer will be sworn-in at the January Regular Town Meeting starting at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Thank you for coming out to do your civic duty . . . voter turnout was over 50percent higher than the running average for the past 7 Elections (2008—2019).

Board of Supervisors of Elections
Yvonne Tucker / Chief Election Judge
Joseph Hourclé / Election Judge
Ellen Storey / Election Judge 

Town Clerk
M. David Williams