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Upper Marlboro Playground RFP Released

Design & Construction of the Town of Upper Marlboro Community Playground

 Project Overview: The Town of Upper Marlboro has obtained grant funding from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to construct the Town’s first public playground. The playground is to be located on a Town-owned vacant lot located at 5505 Old Crain Highway Upper Marlboro MD 20772. As this lot was formerly a train depot and station for the Chesapeake Beach Railway, the theme of this play structure is expected to reflect its former use and work to incorporate custom elements from the Town and rail road’s history.

 Scope of Work:

  • Design and construct a Railroad/Train Depot themed play structure for ages 5-12
  • Obtain necessary permits from Prince George’s County, and hire permit expediter as necessary.
  • Contract professional engineering service for the project as needed
  • Attend one community meeting, and one meeting with the Board of Town Commissioners
  • Install themed play structure for ages 5-12 (including ordering and shipping of parts)
  • Install rubberized playground surfacing to meet ASTM standards
  • Management of any sub-contractors
  • Install perimeter fence 48inches in height, including one gate
  • RFP shall include plans for future expansion of the play area with equipment for ages 2-5
  • Installation of a playground welcome sign.

Items to be provided by the Town: The Town of Upper Marlboro shall be responsible for any pathways or tree services required by this project.

Site Visit: A public site-visit will be held on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 11am at the Upper Marlboro Town Hall located at 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772. The point of contact will be available to answer any questions or concerns on the RFP and project.

Budget: The budget of the above scope of work is not to exceed $225,000.

Point of Contact: Kyle Snyder Chief of Staff ksnyder@UpperMarlboroMD.gov or 301-627-6905.

Deadline: Responses to this RFP are to be submitted by Friday, November 22nd, 2019 at 5pm. By Mail: Town of Upper Marlboro P.O. Box 280 Upper Marlboro MD 20773. By Email: Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov. In-Person: Upper Marlboro Town Hall 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772 M-F 9am-5pm.


Lot Information: 
Owner- The Town of Upper Marlboro
Size- 0.4980 Acers 

Chesapeake Beach Railroad History: 

This abandoned railway was originally conceived as the East Washington Line of the Southern Maryland Railway in 1871. However, that railroad fell into receivership soon after, having only graded a few miles of the western portion of the route in the area of Washington, DC.

The Washington and Chesapeake Beach Railway was chartered in 1891 to build a line between Washington and Chesapeake Beach, a proposed resort town in Maryland. This railroad company also fell into receivership in 1895 with nary a revenue train operated. The company was reorganized as the Chesapeake Beach Railroad, and completed the line by 1899. Despite the completion of the line, the resort destination at Chesapeake Beach was not ready; it opened in 1901, at which time trains began running over the line.

Also in 1901, the original proprietor of the western portion of the property, the Southern Maryland Railway, came out of bankruptcy as the Washington, Potomac and Chesapeake Railway with intent to run over the original route graded by the SMRR, which was now in use by the CBRR. A legal battle ensued, with the WP&C contending the CBRR was operating over their route illegally; the courts ruled in favor of the WP&C, dealing a blow to the CBRR.

Eventually, the Great Depression and increasing automobile use took its toll on the CBRR, and it ultimately abandoned its line in 1935, except for a short segment on the western end (the original SMRR grading) which remained in use as the East Washington Railway up until 1978.

Today, a portion of the abandoned route serves as a rail-trail, while yet other portions now serve as the foundations for local roads.