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Town Goverment Structure

Structure of Government:

 Forms of Government 

MML provides an overview:  Form of Government

Upper Marlboro currently has a variation of the Strong Mayor-Council form. 

  1. Strong Mayor-Council 
  2. Weak Mayor-Council
  3. Council-Manager
  4. Commission

 Elected Officials 

 Currently, the Town Commissioners are elected by the residents of Upper Marlboro every two years. From the Commissioners elected, a President/Mayor is chosen by vote of the elected Commissioners. There are no term limits and no way to remove an elected official from office.  

 How often are they elected? 

  • Typically it is either two years or four year terms. 
  • Staggered terms prevent complete board turnover.
  • Uniform terms allow for less frequent elections.

How is the Mayor selected? 

  • Appointed by the Board.
  • Elected by the People as a separate office during the election.
  • Elected by the People by highest vote count.

Board of Commissioners 

  • What are some roles Roles typical of Board members?
  • President
  • Mayor Pro-tem/Deputy Mayor
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 
  • Department oversight (ie. Public Works, Public Safety, Admin, Finance, Park, etc…)

Measures for removal from office 

  • For cause
  • Recall election
  • Hearing and expulsion by peers

What are some of your other discussions and issues with regards to the Charter and Town Ordinances and Resolutions and Government structure? 


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The Board of Town Commissioner for the Town of Upper Marlboro are currently reviewing the Structure of Government since the board has grown from 3 to 5 Commissioners.  We value input from all Town residents and encourage everyone to do their research when answering the questions below.  We look forward to future discussion on the Structure of Government for the Town of Upper Marlboro as we continue to grow.
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