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Public Safety Partners

The Upper Marlboro Police Department and its officers work with many diff rent public safety agencies within ad around Town limits. These include the Maryland State Police who patrol MD Rt 4 & MD Rt 301, the County Police who respond to call alongside our officers, the County Sheriff Department who protects the Courthouse and facility, and the MNCPPC Park Police who patrol the School House Pond, Upper Marlboro Community Center, and the Show Place Arena.

Maryland State Police

The Maryland State Police is committed to maintaining a strong presence in Prince George’s County and our troopers and civilian employees are working daily to ensure county citizens remain safe and secure.  Read More

MNCPPC Park Police

The MNCPPC Park Police patrol all Park & Planning property, trails, and facilities throughout Prince George's County including the School House Pond, Show Place Arena, and the Upper Marlboro Community Center to name a few in our area. Read More

Prince George's County Police Dept.

PGPD District 2 is  one of the County Police Department's  seven police stations located around the County. District two serves the Upper Marlboro, Bowie, and Lanham areas of the County.  Read More

Prince George's County Sheriff

TAs the law enforcement arm of the courts, the Office of the Sheriff is a critical partner in public safety, working closely with other law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels for a safer, stronger Prince George’s County. Read More