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Marlboro Day Festival & Parade 2022


The Marlboro Day Festival & Parade is hosted on the 2nd Saturday in May from 10 am to 2pm! The Festival starts out with a parade down Main Street from 10am to 11am, kicking off the festival along Governor Oden Bowie Drive with tons of fun, delicious food trucks, unique sales vendors, kids rides & activities, and free live family-friendly entertainment! Join us for a day of celebration! 

When is the Marlboro Day Festival & Parade?
Saturday May 14th, 2022 10am-2pm
Parade 10 am- 11am

Festival 11 am- 2pm
In Downtown Upper Marlboro! 

How Can I Participate?

To make Marlboro Day 2022 a success, the Events Committee is seeking participants in the following categories:

  • Parade Participants
  • Vendor Booths
  • Government & Nonprofit  Information Booths
  • Food Trucks
  • Entertainers & Performers 

Additional questions & comments can be emailed directly to the Events Committee at Events@UpperMarlboroMD.gov. 

Marlboro Day Flyer