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Public Hearing Notice- Annexation Resolution Show Place Arena

The Town of Upper Marlboro is growing! At the June 10th, 2019 Town Meeting the Board of Town Commissioners introduced Annexation Resolution No. 01-2019, which would expand the Town limits to include the Show Place Arena properties. This is the first time in the Town's 300 year history that the Town limits have been changed. The annexation of the Show Place Arena properties is just the first phase of the Town's annexation plan the expand the Town limits to bring additional commercial and residential properties into the Town, and to expand the Town services to the properties and residents of Greater Upper Marlboro. Below is the Notice of Public Hearing for the Town's Annexation Phase 1 all residents are welcome to attend:


(Lands of the Government of Prince George’s County, the State of Maryland, and the Prince George’s Soil Conservation District Commonly Known as the Show Place Arena and Prince George’s Equestrian Center Properties, a portion of the Pennsylvania Avenue (MD 4) public right-of-way, a portion of the Water Street (MD 717) public right-of-way, the Upper Marlboro Community Center property at 5400 Marlboro Race Track Road, the Prince George’s Soil Conservation District property at 5301 Marlboro Race Track Road) and other lands) Located Generally South and East of Present Municipal Boundaries)

NOTICE is hereby given by the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland that on June 10, 2019 Annexation Resolution No. 01-2019 (the “Resolution”) known as the 1st Annexation (2019) was introduced and read at a regular/special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Upper Marlboro (the “Board”) proposing and recommending that the boundaries of the Town of Upper Marlboro be changed so as to annex to and include within the boundaries of the Town all that certain area of land therein identified as:
Several parcels or lots (& abutting public rights of way) of presently tax exempt and other publically-owned properties located East and South of the present corporate limits of the Town of Upper Marlboro including lands situated South of Marlboro Pike (MD 725) bounded by or straddling Marlboro Race Track Road (private road), the western basin of Depot Pond located within Parcel 32 and West of the CSX Transportation railroad right-of-way, Parcel 115, a portion of Parcel 60, a portion of Parcel 245, a segment of Pennsylvania Avenue/Stephanie Roper Highway (MD 4) bisecting Parcel 32, and a segment of Water Street (MD 717) and the area to be annexed is more further described or depicted on a map exhibit entitled “Map of the First Annexation of the Town of Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, Maryland, 1” = 300’, June 2019” prepared by Charles P. Johnson and Associates, Inc., which is attached as Exhibit A of said Resolution, and the Annexation Property is further shown on the Prince George’s County Tax Map (Tax Map 102, Parcel 32 (Account No. 0238873), & Tax Map 102, Parcel 115 (Account No. 3733714); & Tax Map 101, Parcel 245 (Account No. 0229864); & Tax Map 101, Parcel 60 (Account No. 0192286) comprised of 189.08 acres, more or less (the “Annexation Property”) depicted in green (with pond in blue) on the Map of the First Annexation of the Town of Upper Marlboro (June 2019).
The Resolution was initiated by the Board pursuant to §4-403 of the LG Art., of Md. Ann. Code.

NOTICE is further hereby given by the Board of Commissioners that it will hold a PUBLIC HEARING on said Resolution and the said annexation therein proposed and recommended on:

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
at 6:00 o’clock P.M.
in the Upper Marlboro Town Hall, 14211 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

and that all interested persons are invited to attend said public hearing and present their views.

Conditions of proposed annexation are as follows:
1. The Town shall pay the costs in regard to said annexation, and all advertising, professional consultant and legal expenses related to the annexation. The owners of assessable property within the Annexation Property, if any, shall begin paying municipal property taxes immediately or within the upcoming fiscal year, as permitted by law. Currently, all real property located within the Annexation Property appears to be either tax-exempt or publically-owned and thereby is not now or in the immediate future subject to the municipal tax on real property.

2. The Town will require that all necessary infrastructure and improvements, including, but not limited to, roads, stormwater management, sewer expansion and/or extensions and utility delivery systems, and all other facilities necessary to serve the proposed use shall be installed in accordance with sound engineering principles, and shall be subject to location, design, and construction approvals by the County and other applicable agencies.

3. Limited municipal services will be available to the Annexation Property upon annexation, subject to compliance with the Annexation Resolution and consistent with the Annexation Plan. Services not currently available will be extended to the Annexation Property in accordance with the aforesaid documents.

In accordance with the Local Government Article, §4-406, of the Annotated Code of Maryland (the “Maryland Code”), this Notice shall be published four (4) times, at consecutive weekly intervals, beginning on or after July 4, 2019.

Notice is further hereby given by the Board that following such public hearing, the Board is empowered by law to enact said Resolution and, if so enacted, the Resolution provides that it shall take effect upon the forty-sixth (46th) day following passage, and that said resolution is further subject within such period to a Petition for Referendum by qualified voters of the municipality pursuant to the requirements of the Local Government Article, §4-409, et seq. of the Maryland Code.
The Resolution, including and together with the exhibits, plats and/or the Map of the First Annexation and a metes and bounds description of the lands which are the subject of the annexation, and a proposed Annexation Plan are all incorporated by reference herein and are available for inspection at the Town Hall during regular office hours. Please consult all items referenced and incorporated by reference herein for an accurate and detailed description of the annexation property.

By Authority of:
The Town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Wanda M. Leonard, Mayor/President

CLICK HERE to read the full Annexation Resolution No. 01-2019

CLICK HERE to read the Approved Annexation Plan

Town of Upper Marlboro First Annex Map 190529 (2)


RESOLUTION INTRODUCTION DATE:                                       June 10, 2019

(AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE HEARING):                                                  

HEARING NOTICE PUBLICATION DATES:                             1 July 4, 2019
(4 NOTICES FOR 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO HEARING)                     
                                                                                                                             2. July 11, 2019    

                                                                                                                             3. July 18, 2019

                                                                                                                            4. July 25, 2019


PUBLIC HEARING DATE:                                                                          August 27, 2019
(not less than 15 days after the final publication of the notices)         


EFFECTIVE DATE (45 DAYS AFTER ENACTMENT):               October 12, 2019

FILE ENACTED RESOLUTION :                                                            October 22, 2019