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Mosquito Spraying-Monday Nights

Testing of our area, and possible spraying, will commence on June 4, and run through September 18, 2018.  Typically, the testing & spraying occurs around dusk on Monday evenings, but, due to variable weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that this service will be performed in any given week.  The primary goal of this program is to prevent the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in humans, pets and livestock.  Mosquito control is an economic necessity in some parts of Maryland dependent on outdoor tourism during the summer.   The program relies on surveys and monitoring of the larval and adult mosquito populations to coordinate control activities.  Control techniques include breeding source reduction, public education, biological control and insecticide applications from aircraft or ground equipment.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is now emphasizing control at the source whenever possible. Property owners are encouraged to diligently remove any unnecessary water-holding containers from their yards, and check for puddling areas after each rainfall.

Residents can opt-out of the “Adulticiding” spraying service by submitting a Mosquito Control Exemption Form available at Town Hall. When an address has opted-out, the spray is kept 300 feet from the property on either side.

To find out more information, call Mosquito Control at 410-841-5870 or go to their website (click here)