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Meet The Candidates | Special Election | Tuesday | May 9, 2023 | To Elect 1 Commissioner, 6 Month Term

Derrick Brooks:

I came to Upper Marlboro at 19 years old. Upon my arrival, I realized three important facts; our community is a close-knit one, the importance of establishing and maintaining good relationships with your neighbors, and that, our care and concern for each other also extends to our fur babies.  More than 25 years later, those are a few of the many reasons I have remained a resident of the Town of Upper Marlboro.  Ours is a rich, thriving historic community with a potential to become even better.  This is why I am running to be one of the town Commissioners.  My love of and commitment to our town has made this a place where I not only live, but I also work here. 

For the past 33 years, I have worked for the Circuit Court for Prince Georges County, serving county residents.  Additionally, I have worked for Prince George’s Community College, helping to ensure students’ academic success.  Serving county residents both at the Court and the Community College has been my great pleasure and honor.  As a first-time Town Commissioner, I recognize there will be much learn; however, experience has taught me that no obstacle is too great to overcome when people are committed to accomplishing a common goal.

As Town Commissioner, my goal will be to advocate for and see our community continue to thrive and get better.  With your support, if elected, I commit to working alongside my colleagues to ensure this goal is realized. 

Linda Pennoyer:

"Bridging The Past To The Future"

I am seeking your vote to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Commissioners.

As most of you know, I was on the Board of Commissioners for six years (2016 -2021) and served as a Commissioner, Treasurer, and Mayor.

Many changes happened that I am proud to have been a part of. The construction of the new Town Hall, albeit at a considerable expense, gives the Town the new look we needed. We saw the ushering in of a more diverse Board in 2018 that set the Town on a new path for the future. We proposed and implemented plans for Annexation, and new goals in Economic Development, Community, and Business Involvement became priorities. 2020 was challenging as we had many unprecedented issues to deal with. The pandemic took center stage in all our lives. We had two special elections highlighting the need to increase our Board from 3 to 5 members, giving us more diversity and local voices.

There is still much to do.

The issues facing us now will define us in the future.

During my absence from the Board, I have continued to be a part of this Town. How we showcase it is crucial to me, as I am sure it is to all of you. How we go about it should be as well.

Our Town has a rich history that should be more of a consideration as we move forward. Keeping that in perspective and bridging that with what we are looking for in the future.

Andre Phillips:

  • Honorably served in the Armed Forces (Navy)
  • PG County Public School Graduate and Resident
  • Senior Labor Advocate for Both Local and National Unions
  • Community Youth Mentor and Athletic Coach

One of my best attributes is my ability to remain consistently solution focused. As such, I believe that collective engagement is very important to every community to sustain and continue to strive towards progression. I want to ensure that the Town of Upper Marlboro preserves its small-town values in addition to increasing our diversity. I want us to find mutual interest that create bridges instead of foster walls that divide our connections. We achieve this by focusing on the development of the town through investments, specifically in the infrastructure (businesses, roads, civic services, nature, etc.) and in the people in most need of support, our elders, and young people.

In solidarity,