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Annexation Questions Answered!

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Annexation Graphic

I heard the annexation is going to referendum, is this true?

A single property owner is seeking to slow-down the annexation process through legal proceedings.  The Mayor determined it is in the best interest of the Town to move forward with referendums in each annexation area. Her reasons can be found in this proclamation. Full information about the annexation can be found here.

I heard the Town didn’t notify property owners of the Annexation, is that true?

The Town notified all property owners, requesting their consent for annexation. The Town received support for both annexations from more than the 20% of property owners. All property owners were notified regarding annexation in October 2020. Renters who were on the County’s registered voter lists at the addresses also were mailed notifications at this time.

 I heard annexation will limit what I can do on my property, is this true?

The Town does not have zoning authority and cannot change the uses allowed on individual parcels. The Town does enforce the County’s regulations and laws. The Town also has its own regulations that ensure residents are able to thrive, live, and play safely. These can be found here.  Also keep an eye out for our new, searchable ordinances and resolutions that will be live in mid-Summer 2022.

I heard agricultural land should not be in a Town, is this true?

Towns can and do contain agricultural land. It is often in the interest of a Town to maintain a buffer of green space that is within the Town and surrounding it. This allows the residents of Town to have a seat at the table regarding future developments that happens on its borders. Development of open green space fundamentally changes the landscape while impacting the services and infrastructure of the Town. The Town does not have planning and zoning authority and cannot restrict uses. The Town is also implementing a lower tax rate for agricultural properties because of their lower need for services.

I heard that hunting is illegal within Town limits, is this true?

The County regulations about hunting can be found here.  The current Town limits do not have any properties large enough to permit hunting. If a property were annexed in large enough to allow hunting, the Town would simply enforce any existing County regulations. The Town does not have any hunting regulation of its own.

I heard that I will not get any services if I am in the Town, is that true?

The Town provides more centralized services for its residents. You must be in the Town limits to receive these services, the Town cannot legally provide services until Annexation is complete. These include:

  • A team of people who will help to troubleshoot and resolve your concerns.
  • Rental & Utilities assistance.
  • Dedicated and faster police response and crime prevention.
  • The ability to vote and run for office in town elections.
  • Public Works crews keep the roads free of trash and debris.
  • Storm response from public works crews including plowing, debris removal, and flood response.
  • Weekly bulk trash pick-up.
  • Twice weekly yard waste pick up.
  • Residential Trash (Mondays) and Recycling (Thursdays) pick up.

I heard Town residents pay thousands of dollars in taxes, is that true?

County tax bills are often thousands of dollars. If you are in Town your taxes will increase by a few hundred dollars a year in most cases. The exact amount is based on the County’s assessed value for your property. Keep in mind that he County’s assessed value is lower than what your house is assessed at for sale and can be found by looking up your address here. The average resident of Upper Marlboro pays an additional $700 in taxes per year.

The Town of Upper Marlboro has the lowest municipal tax rate in the County, at just $0.34/$100 assessed value for residentially zoned properties, and $0.54/$100 assessed value for commercially zoned properties. This Town tax rate would be in addition to the County tax, once a property is brought into the Town a program called the municipal tax differential rate would kick in. This program reduces County property tax for services that the municipality is providing and helps offset the cost of the additional Town property tax.

The following chart breaks down the cost to you:

Annexation Price

*This is not the price you could get for your home, but the value the County assesses your home at. You can find this information at:  https://sdat.dat.maryland.gov/RealProperty/Pages/default.aspx

MML Annexation Handbook

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