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Proclamation: Guidelines and Verification of Referendum Petitions & Signatures for Annexation


The Public Including Non-Residents of the Town shall be afforded the opportunity to provide comments for a period of FIVE (5) Calendar Days (March 12, 2022) following promulgation of these interpretive rules and guidelines.  The President may modify said "Guidelines" including shortening or elimination the time for comments at any time prior to final verification of compliance with requirements for any referendum petition. 

Submit your comments to clerk@uppermarlboromd.gov by March 12, 2022

A Proclamation & Order of the President of the Board of Town Commissioners of the Town of Upper Marlboro

Guildlines for Validation and Verificaiton of Referendum Petitions and Signatures Submitted Pursuant to the Local Government Article of the MD. Ann. Code for Annexation Areas Regarding Annexation Resolution 01-2021, and Interpretive Rules for the Conduct and Administration of any Referendum Election.
Proclamation and Order