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Job Opportunity- Circuit Rider Manager (Full Time)

Circuit Rider Manager- Grant Coordinator/Operations Associate

This full-time position is grant-funded through the DHCD’s Maryland Town Manager Circuit Rider Program, with time evenly split between the Town of Upper Marlboro and the Town of Morningside, both located in Prince George’s County Maryland. The Circuit Rider Program assists small towns and city governments with building their administrative capacity. The program provides grants to hire professional staff to work as a “circuit rider” to multiple towns assisting with specific municipal functions and activities. This position is funded for one year after the date of hire, and continued employment will be subject to the availability of additional funding sources (re-awarding of the Circuit Rider Program grant). The duties of the manager for each municipality are defined in the Job Description. 

Salary Range: $21-$29 per hour (depending on experience) 

Job Description Click Here 

Please submit your letter of interest and resume to  Recruitment@UpperMarlboroMD.gov  by Monday, May 30th, 2022. Questions can also be emailed to this email address.