Town Mosquito Spraying

The Town of Upper Marlboro partners with the Maryland Department of Agriculture to spray for mosquitos within the Town limits. 

Mosquito Spraying season begins on May 26th and is anticipated to end September 28th. The Town’s scheduled spray night is every 3rd Monday. Spraying will begin after dark and may continue until midnight or later. We do not conduct spray activity during daylight hours. If you see a truck in your community spraying during the day, it is not a State or Town truck. MDA-truck2

Spraying will commence as soon as it is dark. As a precaution, we advise residents to stay inside their homes and close their windows while the spray truck is in the vicinity, bring in any pets, and remain in the home for 20-30 minutes until after the spray truck has passed by. If there are people outside when the truck passes by, no spray will be released, and the truck will not make another pass down that street.

The spray schedule will rotate every 3 weeks. This means that your community may or may not be sprayed every 3 weeks. The frequency will be determined by surveillance data collected, and complaints received.

If you decide that you do not want this service, you must sign a form and there will be no spraying within 300 feet from either side of your residence. The forms are available for download from the State’s website at:

Exemption Form: