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Town FY2022 Budget Timeline

As you are aware, the Town’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget time is right around the corner. This year we plan to open up the budget planning process a bit more, to allow for more planning and discussion. We have scheduled three additional budget work sessions to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the months of March, April, and May at 11am. Most other municipalities also schedule extra meetings for budget discussions.

Below is our planned budget calendar outlining different meetings and the planned topics for discussion. This calendar is just a draft and will be up for discussion at the February 23rd Work session.


Meeting Type


Tues Feb 23rd

Regular Work Session

Budget Calendar & Priorities

Tues March 16th

Extra Budget Work Session

Anticipated Revenue & Priorities

Tues March 23rd

Regular Work Session

Town Tax Rates

Tues April 13th

Regular Town Meeting

Public Comment- Town Tax Rate

Tues April 20th

Extra Budget Work Session

Expenses- Departmental & CIP

Tues May 11th

Regular Town Meeting

Introduce Budget Ordinance & Public Comment

Tues May 18th

Extra Budget Work Session

Discuss Budget Ordinance & Public Comment

Tues June 8th

Regular Town Meeting

Approval of Budget Ordinance

Thurs July 1st


FY 2022 Budget in effect

Board of Town Commissioner's Goals & Priorities for the FY 2022 Budget: 

Overarching Goal: To ensure the sustainability of the Town into the future.


1. A Sustainable Government. The Commission wishes to have policies and procedures in place to ensure the Town is following best practices. A sustainable government includes a budget in which recurring expenses are relatively equal to recurring revenues and capital improvements are planned for and budgeted.

2. Expanded Town Boundaries. The Commission wishes to expand the Town's boundaries to improve public participation and ensure its long-term sustainability.

3. Flooding mitigation and safety. The Commission wishes to ensure safe travel during storm events.

4. Safe and modern roadways. The Commission wishes to see the Town's roadways paved, modernized, and connected for multiple modes of transit. The commission seeks to improve safety for all, but particularly our youngest residents.

5. Increased recreation opportunities. The Commission wishes to strengthen the Upper Marlboro Community with more recreation opportunities for residents creating spaces and events that serve as gathering places.