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Public Comment Open: Urban Forest Legislation

The Board of Town Commissioners is seeking PUBLIC COMMENT on a draft Ordinance 2020-07 Urban Forest: 

AN ORDINANCE relating to the protection, preservation and to promote the Urban Forest of Upper Marlboro as part of a larger ecosystem which contributes to air, noise, and visual pollution control, moderates climate extremes, promotes energy conservation, and has aesthetic value affecting property values and the community quality of life. This Ordinance is also enacted to establish a Shade Tree Board to be responsible for the tree program which regulates the planting and maintenance of trees in public places and to advise, provide continuity, act as an advocate, and coordinate contributions and interests in urban greenery.

To read the full Ordinance CLICK HERE

To provide PUBLIC COMMENT please email Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov 

Ordinance Timeline: 
October Board Worksession: Discussion of Draft 
November Town Meeting: Introduction & Public Comment
November Board Worksession: Discussion & Public Comment
December Town Meeting: Public Comment & Board Vote