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Request for Proposals- Healthcare Insurance Broker

Request for Proposals

Town of Upper Marlboro Government Healthcare Insurance Broker

RFP # UM 2020-07 

Project Overview: The Town of Upper Marlboro is seeking proposals from firms to assist and guide the Town with the research and selection of the best insurance package for the Town to provide its employees to include, but not limited to: medical, dental, and vision. The firm should also be able to assist the Town with other types of insurance as needed, as well as assist the Town or its employees navigate any claim issues.

 Scope of Work: Qualified applicants should be able to provide the below services to the Town:

  • Determining and recommending financially sound plans.
  • Assisting in the benefit plan design based on ESP’s goals and objectives.
  • Soliciting proposals from insurance carriers and evaluating those proposals identifying the most cost-beneficial package.
  • Represent the Town in all negotiations with providers regarding plan design, special terms and conditions, and cost.
  • Researching and advising the Town on any new changes regarding employee benefit programs.
  • Provide support for benefit and plan administration questions.
  • Provide training and compliance for changes in laws and regulations including the health care reform.
  • Assist as necessary in developing communication materials and giving advice and recommendations for all employee benefit programs.
  • Assist the Town with the implementation and communication of new programs or changes to existing programs, which will include attending and presenting information at Open Enrollment meetings.
  • Personal and teleconferencing availability for meetings as required.
  • Assist Town employees with claims resolution issues
  • Provide monthly billing and reconciliation assistance as needs arise.

Level of Experience: Applicant firms must have the following experience:

  • Be licensed to do business in all states.
  • Have the expertise, licenses, and resources to provide Employee Benefits broker/consulting services for the Town’s current and future operations,
  • Consistently maintain and allocate sufficient staffing resources to provide timely service for the Town of Upper Marlboro’s Employee Benefits broker/consulting service’s needs,
  • ·         Maintain staff that are qualified and available to provide specialized technical expertise in various disciplines as necessary.

Deadline: Responses to this RFP are to be submitted by Monday December 7th, 2020, at 5pm. By Mail: Town of Upper Marlboro P.O. Box 280 Upper Marlboro MD 20773. By Email: Info@UpperMarlboroMD.gov. In-Person: Upper Marlboro Town Hall 14211 School Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20772.

Selection Process and Criteria: This RFP is for a 24-month contract with the Town, with the option for renewal. Town elected officials and senior staff will participate in the process of selecting the appropriate firm. Proposals will be evaluated based on:

1. The firm’s understanding of a small local government needs for health insurance

2. The firm’s availability to render services to the Town as needed

4. How the firm’s compensation/cost to the Town

5. If the firm offers additional services such as Human Resources support. The pricing of HR or
    other services should be included in the proposal.

Overview of the Town: Settled around 1695 and named after the first Duke of Marlborough, the Town of Upper Marlboro is among the oldest of the surviving Southern Maryland towns dating back to colonial times. It was established as a port town for tobacco shipments in 1706, when the Western Branch of the Patuxent River was still navigable. It has been the county seat of Prince George’s County since 1721.

The Town is governed by three elected Town Commissioners, one of which serves as the President/Mayor who are elected every two years. The Town government maintains a Police Department, Public Works Department, and Town Administration Department, along with several volunteer committees. Though the Town’s resident population is around 700, the Town’s downtown historic Main Street is home to one of the largest Courthouses in the State, which attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year.

The Town of Upper Marlboro is growing in size, economically, and in community outreach. This past year the Town successfully completed phase 1 of its annexation plan which grew the Town’s landmass for the first time in its over 300-year history. The Town’s continued growth through annexation plays an important role in influencing the economic growth, environmental protection, quality of life, and municipal fiscal well-being of the Upper Marlboro community. The Town is also working to revitalize its historic downtown Main Street through streetscape initiatives, upgrades to its parking infrastructure, and attracting new small businesses to fill any commercial storefront vacancies. Communication and community outreach has been a large focus of the Town over the past few years, with the introduction of new community events including successfully resurrecting Marlboro Day in 2018. The Town also maintains a strong social media and web presence to stay engaged with its residents.

Point of Contact: Mr. William Morgan, Director of Finance & Human Resources, can be reached at 301-627-6905 ex1103 or wmorgan@UpperMarlboroMD.gov with any questions. 

RFP 2020-07 Document CLICK HERE

Thank you for your interest in this Request for Proposals from the Town of Upper Marlboro.