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Courthouse Enters Phase 5, Fully Operational with Jury Trials

Courthouse Enters Phase 5, Fully Operational with Jury Trials: 

The Maryland Court Systems enters Phase 5 of it's reopening plan today, Oct 5th, in which all Courthouses are now fully operational including jury trials. This includes the County Courthouse in Downtown Upper Marlboro.

Please expect increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic downtown now that one of the State's largest courthouses is fully operational again.
All courthouse visitors are being screened prior to entering the facility, for details visit the Courthouse website: https://princegeorgescourts.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=116

Planning on visiting the #UpperMarlboro Prince George's County Courthouse? Be sure to complete the screening questionnaire before visiting:
From the Courthouse Website: Effective Monday, October 5, 2020, everyone entering the Courthouse Complex will have to answer three COVID screening questions before they will be allowed access to any building in our Courthouse Complex. Attached is a Quick Response Code(QRC) that will lead you to the questions. You can download this to your phone, answer the questions daily and a green checkmark will appear indicating that you are clear to enter. If you input your e-mail address to the system it will forward you a receipt which will prevent you from having to repeat the process every time you exit the building during a single day. However, you will have to answer the questions each day. If your response is yes to any of the questions you will be denied access and a red X will appear on your smart device.
If you do not have a smart device, paper forms will also be available at all entrances.
Access the questionnaire HERE: https://courtapps.princegeorgescountymd.gov/