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Special Town Election Results

Below are the official elections results for the 2020 1st Special Town Election held on Monday, July 27th,2020:  
Ballots Cast
Absentee Ballots:   26
In-Person Voters:    68
Total Ballots Cast:  94

 Election Results
Sarah Franklin:        45
Janice Duckett:       37
Bryan Bontrager:    12
Write-Ins:                  0

Press Release 

UPPER MARLBORO, MD (July 27, 2020) -- Sarah Franklin has been elected as a new Commissioner in the Town of Upper Marlboro. Town Clerk M. David Williams announced the final results of the special election shortly after 9 p.m. tonight.

Franklin recorded 45 votes, outdistancing challengers Janice Duckett (37) and Bryan Bontrager (12).

A resident of the town for the past seven years, Franklin will fill the seat vacated last month by former Commissioner Kai Bernal-LeClaire, who resigned when he and his family moved out-of-state for a new employment opportunity. Upper Marlboro currently has a three commissioner form of government. Linda Pennoyer will continue to serve as Mayor through the end of her term that expires in January 2022, at which time she will be eligible to seek re-election.

Franklin has served as Secretary-Treasurer of the town’s Events Committee since 2018. She was instrumental in helping to coordinate successful events such as “Trunk or Treat on Main Street” at Halloween and several well-attended movie nights. Franklin earned a Master’s degree in community planning, and her job experience includes town planning and accounting.

As Commissioner, Franklin said she will work with her board colleagues to maintain the town’s financial stability, improve technology access for residents, increase safety and access for pedestrians, and increase resident participation in government functions.

Another special election in the Town of Upper Marlboro is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 10, to fill the vacancy created by the unexpected passing of former Mayor and Commissioner Wanda Leonard on June 30.