New Town Legislation Passed

At the Tuesday, December 11th, 2019, monthly Town Meetings, the Board of Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro passed four pieces of legislation that had been on the table for the past few months.  You can review a description of each piece of legislation and click to read the full version below:  thumbnail_20191210_170210

Ordinance 2019-09 Board Salaries 
Description: An Ordinance to set the Salary For Members and President of the Board of Town Commissioners. This Ordinance raises the Commissioner's annual salary from $1,200 to $3,800 beginning July 1, 2020. This is only the 2nd time the Commissioner salaries have been raised since the 1970s.  
Read Full Ordinance HERE  

Ordinance 2019-08 Elections Authorizing Ballot Questions 
Description: An Ordinance of the Town of Upper Marlboro to authorize and provide a process for the posing of non binding and advisory ballot questions to be placed before the voters at a town election; and generally relating to town elections and election procedures.    
Read Full Ordinance HERE 

Resolution 2019-13 Election 2020 Ballot Questions
Description: A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro placing advisory questions on the Town’s January 2020 general election ballot requesting residents to vote on certain non binding questions concerning the future of the Old Marlboro Elementary School Site, as well as, certain proposed Town charter amendments concerning (i) the changing of the date of the town’s general election, (ii) authorizing the additional title of mayor, and (iii) increasing the number of commissioners serving on the board from three to five.
Read Full Ordinance HERE 

Resolution 2019-12 Approving Vendor for Town Playground
Description:  A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro waiving the competitive bidding requirements of the town charter and awarding a town playground project to Sparks @ Play LLC.  The Town advertised an RFP seeking proposals from different vendors for 15 days, but only received a proposal from Sparks @ Play. The project total is $225,000, $200,000 of which is funded by a State Dept. of Natural Resources grant. 
Read Full Ordinance HERE 

Please reach out to the office of the Town Clerk at or 301-627-6905 ex 1102 with any questions or concerns.