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Town Celebrates Municipal Government Works Month

Did you know that November is Municipal Government Works Month? Since 1993, Maryland's cities and towns have celebrated Municipal Government Works (MGW) Month each November in an effort to promote citizens' awareness of and interest in the government in their communities. Through school visits, MML members have educated over 27,000 students and their teachers about how municipal government works.

Municipalities who participate in MGW Month:thumbnail_MGW_2019_Hoisting Flag_cropped

  • Actively showcase their municipal government and how it works
  • Foster goodwill by educating youth about municipal government
  • Fulfill two requirements for the Banner City/Town program*
  • Maximize their MML membership by taking part in League programs and activities

The Town of Upper Marlboro is celebrating by flying the #MuncipalGovermentWorksMonth flag outside Town Hall, hosting a three week Upper Marlboro Municipal Government Academy for residents to learn about its local government, and passed a Proclamation declaring November #MGW to name a few examples.

To learn more about #MGW visit the Maryland Municipal League's website at: https://www.mdmunicipal.org/…/Municipal-Government-Works-Mo…