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The current Board of Town Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro were elected into office on January 8, 2018. They serve the Town residents on a two year term. The current Board features the Town's first two elected African Americans to serve a Commissioners, and the Town's first African American President/Mayor. 

Linda Pennoyer

Commissioner Linda Pennoyer also serves as the Town Treasurer, overseeing Town Finances. This is Commissioner's Pennoyer's second term as a Commissioner. She serves on the Town Historical Committee and Marlborough Area Recreation Council. Read More

Tonga Turner

President/Mayor Tonga Turner is the Town's first African-American elected as President of the Board of Town Commissioners. She is a member of the PG County Elected Municipal Woman and the Maryland Black Mayor's Association. Read More

Wanda Leonard

Commissioner Leonard is one of the Town's first African American Commissioners elected in January 2018. She also serves as the President of the Greater Upper Marlboro CERT Team and is a graduate from the County Citizen Police Academy. Read More