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Code Enforcement

The Town of Upper Marlboro's Code Enforcement Department was formed in 2016 to guard the health, safety and well being of Town residents through the enforcement of property, building and environmental regulations as set forth in the ordinances of the Town of Upper Marlboro and Prince George’S County, as well as in state and federal law. Code Enforcement Officers survey the Town on a regular basis to ensure that community standards are met and that Upper Marlboro remains a desirable place to live. Paramount to our mission is our goal of making Upper Marlboro a desirable place to live and work as well as a memorable place for tourists to visit. If you have concerns or suggestions that can help improve our neighborhood or community, please let us know. 

Upper Marlboro Code Enforcement Handles
-High Grass/Weeds Enforcement
-Trash/Litter Enforcement
-Construction & Permitting
-Ensuring Rental Properties are permitted by the County
-Residential Property Standards
-Commercial Property Standards
-Violation Abatements