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Darnall's Chance House Museum

Revolutionize your day! Come to Darnall's Chance House Museum and travel back in time to the 18th century. Step inside and take a tour of Lettice Lee's home to learn about what life was like for the colonial women who lived here.
Discover how Darnall's Chance keeps history alive through innovative, interactive, and engaging programs and special events. Young visitors have the opportunity to take part in America's fight for Independence during our hands-on program, I SPY, where they can participate in a spy mission for General George Washington to help the colonists win the American Revolution. Not to your taste? Then come dine with us 18th century-style at our Colonial Tavern Dinner, or for a sweet treat, visit our Annual Gingerbread House Contest and Show. Open year around, Darnall's Chance House Museum offers visitors a variety of things to do:
Explore the house on a guided tourDarnalls-Chance-House-Museum
Participate in educational programs and special events
View interesting and informative exhibits
Schedule a classroom or scout program
Browse our history-themed gift shop
Rent our patio tent for a special event
Visit us and see how history lives at Darnall's Chance!