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Elected Officials

The Town of Upper Marlboro provides many services to its residents, including police, maintenance, and trash collection, under the leadership of the Board of Town Commissioners and a dedicated staff. 


The Commissioners are elected by the residents of the Town for a two-year term every even year on the first Monday in January that is not a holiday. The president is selected by a majority vote of the Board after the election. 

The form and functions of the Town government are set by the Town’s Charter. You can read the Charter at the following link Town of Upper Marlboro Charter. For more information contact the Town Clerk, at (301) 627-6905 or clerk@uppermarlboromd.gov.

The current Board of Town Commissioners for the Town of Upper Marlboro were elected into office on January 6th, 2020. They serve the Town residents on a two-year term. 

Commissioner Janice Duckett

Janice Duckett was elected as Town Commissioner during the August 2020 Special Town Election. Read More

Commissioner Sarah Franklin

Commissioner Franklin was elected during a Special Election in July 2020, and sworn in as Town Commissioner on August 10th, 2020. She has served several years on the Upper Marlboro Events Committee and helped organize several major events. Read More

President/Mayor Linda Pennoyer

President/Mayor Linda Pennoyer first was elected as a Commissioner in 2016 and has served as a Commissioner and the Town’s Treasurer for her past two terms. She was re-elected and chosen to serve as President during the January 2020 Election.

Read More