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Meet The Candidates For Town of Upper Marlboro Board of Commissioner

Robert Barber
Candidate Robert Barber

Dear Fellow Neighbors of the Town of Upper Marlboro,

My name is Robert David Barber, Jr. I am a small business owner of a limousine shuttle van service here in Upper Marlboro and been a resident for 3 ½ years. I’ve assisted our community by volunteering my transportation services with food delivery, clothing pickups and distribution at local shelters. I was born in Washington, DC, raised in Suitland, Maryland and am a graduate of Suitland High School. I also attest that I am a God-fearing man who strives daily to please God and live in holiness. This foremost leads my desire in this position.

My interest in becoming Commissioner for the Town of Upper Marlboro, is to work with other officials for long-term growth and improvement of our town. My goals is to ensure we work to build public relations and maintain communication between our neighbors, law enforcement and address strategies to keep our community safe.

To retain our good quality of life, I will make the most of our town’s resources and meet the needs and standards of all who live here by effectively managing our budget and make proper utilization of taxpayer money, so to have infrastructure improvements, the best schools, and create opportunities that will allow Upper Marlboro to continue to flourish.  As a neighbor, small business owner and vested contributor to our community, I desire to see Upper Marlboro do well, and would greatly appreciate your consideration and ask for your vote.


Derrick Brooks
e Derrick Brooks

I came to Upper Marlboro at 19 years old. Upon my arrival, I realized three important facts; our community is a close-knit one, the importance of establishing and maintaining good relationships with your neighbors, and that, our care and concern for each other also extends to our fur babies. More than 25 years later, those are a few of the many reasons I have remained a resident of the Town of Upper Marlboro. Ours is a rich, thriving historic community with a potential to become even better. This is why I am running to be one of the town Commissioners. My love of and commitment to our town has made this a place where I not only live, but I also work here. For the past 32 years, I have worked for the Circuit Court for Prince Georges County, serving county residents. Additionally, I have worked for Prince George’s Community College, helping to ensure students’ academic success. Serving county residents both at the Court and the Community College has been my great pleasure and honor. As a first-time Town Commissioner, I recognize there will be much learn; however, experience has taught me that no obstacle is too great to overcome when people are committed to accomplishing a common goal. As Town Commissioner, my goal will be to advocate for and see our community continue to thrive and get better. With your support, if elected, I commit to working alongside my colleagues to ensure this goal is realized.


Candidate Charles Colbert


I am a proud Prince George’s County native, husband, and father of a beautiful baby girl. My wife and I settled in Upper Marlboro in 2017 and have fallen in love with the Town. For the last decade, I have worked in business operations for government contractors and have experience in fiscal stewardship, contract negotiation, and auditing practices. These skills would be applied to making sure all actions taken are sound and in the best interest of the community.

From the quiet streets, friendly faces, and access to all the DMV has to offer, the Town of Upper Marlboro continues to be one of the best kept secrets around. As our Town matures, we have to be vigilant in ensuring we are spending smartly and continuing to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all Town residents. I am primarily interested in developing a Town plan that meets the twin goals of maximizing our economic potential and maintaining the small town feel we have all come to enjoy. Additionally, improving our infrastructure is paramount as we look to keep pace with growth around us. All of this has to be done with input and collaboration from citizens and I look forward to working with the full Board to listen to and advocate on behalf of the Town. Advancement, safety, and transparency are the lenses through which I would be evaluating any proposals for the Town. I would be honored to have you Choose Charles on 2/22 to serve our community.