Charter Amendment 02-2021

Town of Upper Marlboro (colors)

Charter Amendment Resolution 02-2021 Elections

A Charter Amendment Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland amending the Charter of the Town of Upper Marlboro by increasing the membership of the board of commissioners from three to five; by changing the general election from the first Monday in January in even numbered years to the first Tuesday in November in odd numbered years; by authorizing up to five supervisors of elections and an alternate member to be appointed in September prior to a general election; by removing language mandating the purging of voters who have failed to vote in three successive general elections from the list of qualified voters; by decreasing the deadline prior to a general election to register to vote using the supplemental municipal voter registry; by providing for individuals not qualified to register to vote; by clarifying the requirement to file both a statement of candidacy and a nominating petition to run for municipal office;  by striking as antiquated or surplusage a provision regarding women’s suffrage; and making certain stylistic, grammatical and non-substantive changes thereto.