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February 22, 2022 Special Election Candidate Packet

Candidate Packets Are Due Monday, February 7, 2022 By Midnight

Dear Candidate:

Thank you for your interest in running for an elected office in the Town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, as a Town Commissioner.  This packet of information is intended to help during the campaign.  It contains:

  • General Information pertaining to candidacy, voting and the election;
  • The legislation that governs the election; and
  • All forms necessary to run for Town Commissioner.

This Candidate Packet is not intended to substitute for the candidate’s responsibility to read and understand the laws governing elections and ethics in the State of Maryland and the Town of Upper Marlboro.  The Town of Upper Marlboro Board of Supervisors of Elections will do everything possible to ensure a smooth and fair election.  If you have any questions concerning the election process or the information included in this packet, please contact Town Hall at 301-627-6905, or email the following:

This year continues to present unique challenges as our Town, State and Country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  To that end, the Town of Upper Marlboro Board of Supervisors of Elections encourages voters to request absentee ballots, so they do not have to appear in-person at the polling precinct.  On Election Day, we will take necessary precautions to protect the Public, Voters, Town Staff Members and Town of Upper Marlboro Board of Supervisor of Election officials.

We applaud and appreciate your interest in serving our historic Town.

                          Special Election Day - Tuesday, February 22, 2022
                Town of Upper Marlboro Board of Supervisors of Elections:

Patti Callicott
Joe Houcle'
Evelyn Stephens
John Summerlot
Yvonne Tucker